"The way to know life is to love many things."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frames...stage 2

The frames are sanded and primed. Or in some cases, primed and sanded. Due to the fact that we have added a family member this past week, my projects have fallen by the wayside. You will have to continue to wait and see what I do with the windows. However, the frames are halfway done.

Here they are.

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy treasure-hunting!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good deals....before

I had a discussion the other day with a good friend about how I don't just like things....I LOVE THEM! I just dive right into my hobbies and interests. I over-indulge on things that interest me. I don't know if it's a good quality to have but it never leaves me bored!

With that being said, I saw an article in my favorite magazine....Flea Market Style. Where they had up-cycled old picture frames into some pretty adorable wall art. Immediately I had a million ideas of what I could do if I found some old frames. I thought, "I will just see if I can find one."

I searched all week at the flea market, garage sales, and antique stores. I ended up spending $55 and this is what I came home with....

I wanted one and came home with 8 frames and 3 old windows. It's possible that I have a problem...ha ha. You know the term "my eyes were bigger than my stomach"? In this case "my eyes are getting bigger than my apartment." Stay tuned to see what I do with them!!

Also this weekend I went home to visit my family for Easter! I took my mom to my favorite place....Montgomery Street Antique Mall(DFW, Texas locals: exit Montgomery off of I-30). I was introduced to this place by Kathy(see previous posts). Kathy had bought me one of these and I decided I wanted the set....LOVE THEM....knew I would though!

These are spindles from a spinning wheel! You know like the spindle Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on? These have been taken apart and made into taper candle holders! 

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy treasure-hunting!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Cobweb

The owner of the Flea Market sent me to this place. When you walk in the door it is so overwhelming! I imagine this is what a hoarders house looks like only this place has some sort of order to it. I felt like I was on the show American Pickers. The sweet woman who owns the Cobweb will talk your ear off. I learned a lot about her in just the first 10 minutes of being there. This is the kind of store and shop owner I love! If you didn't know what something was....she could tell you. If you were looking for something particular...she could show you where it was. The store, like any other, had a "you break, you buy" policy. However there were little warning signs all over the shop "please don't open this cabinet. It will break." The woman knew every little quirk to each extra fragile item. She would say, "be extra careful with that one" or "don't pull the lid off, it doesn't go back on." The woman told me, "I just hate for people to learn the hard way that something is fragile."

This is the Cobweb.

There is a large selection of vintage hats....if you do some digging there are some great finds.

Like this one.

There was the entire set of Cape Cod Avon glass(that's the red one) in all their original boxes.

Can you spot the hidden treasure?

I really liked the collection of old toys, games, and children's collectibles.

Here's some California Raisins!

An assortment of old board games.

A children's stone polishing kit.

A 1976 Mattel Sew Perfect Children's sewing machine. It was too high for me to get down but the box was in "like new" condition. I might go back for it....it's got me curious...ha ha

Hillcrest Church of Christ members and former members.....recognize this? This model Queen Buzzy Bee was made 1962-1985.   

Words of wisdom....only $1.75

"It doesn't matter where you go in life...It's who's beside you!"

So here's what I ended up going home with.

These doilies were in a huge box of literally thousands of doilies. The shop owner said "here's what we like to call a dump box." They bring you an empty box to dump the stuff you are digging through in while you search.Just wait and see what I use them for!

When I was my daughters age we would go over to Jim and Judy Scoggins house and they would always let me have tea in a small English tea cup. I always loved it because it was just my size. So I have been searching for one for Tatum.
Found one! Here is our morning tea in our "new to us" cups.

She hasn't put her new tea cup down all morning. AJ said, "she loves what her mama loves." I couldn't have said it better myself

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy treasure-hunting everyone!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

one of my many "other mothers"...

When I was in high school one of my dearest friends lived down the street from me. Kary and I danced on our schools drill team together and later found out we lived just down the street from each other. We were instant friends and spent almost all of our time together. Kary was the Maid of Honor in my wedding and I was the Matron of Honor in her wedding.

Kary and I have since moved to seperate states and try to visit home frequently. This winter Kary was unable to come home for the holidays since her husband was overseas serving our country. I went to take our family Christmas card to Kathy(that's Kary's mom). I could tell Kathy was really down that Kary wouldn't be home for the holidays. I wanted to help her get in the holiday spirit so I helped her put ornaments on her Christmas tree and we talked. Kathy learned that I had a special appreciation and love of vintage/retro/antique items.

One night I came to visit Kathy and learned she had many hidden treasures of her own. Since I couldn't talk her out of selling them to me I thought I would dedicate a post specifically for her and the special items I discovered at her house.

This one I LOVE LOVE LOVE....I'm a sucker for vintage sewing items....mainly machines....I will have a piece like this one day!

It's a 1973 Singer Junior Miss Child's Sewing Machine!

These are extra cute....made by the brand Mr. Coffee under it's own name "Mrs. Tea." Every time I try to describe this to girls my own age, I feel older than I am....they have no idea what I'm talking about. So ladies....THIS is the Mrs. Tea I was telling you about. Kathy still uses it in fact.

The last thing I saw was these Bascal aluminum tumblers. Kathy's was silver but the sets I've seen at flea markets and antique malls are multi-colored like these.

 After spending years in this house I discovered things I'd never seen before. I wanted to share these little treasures with you.

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy treasure-hunting everyone!!

One man's trash....

This morning Tatum and I ventured out to one of my favorite places in town....the Woodward Flea Market. The brick building is tucked in between the many other deserted buildings downtown. It's often missed unless you happen to make a wrong turn. The windy day was kicking up the dust in the parking lot but Tatum(my sweet daughter and junior treasure-hunter) and I were eager to find a good deal.

The market itself is almost more interesting then the treasures inside. Originally built for the church that backs up to the building, the flea market is bright and open. It reminds me of some of the older church family-life centers of my childhood. Later it was made into an elementary school. The market is set up with each classroom holding a different "theme" of sorts.

This flea market is so unique because the building itself is very retro hidden treasure.

This is the main hallway...it's a bit of a squeeze.

Of course the place I head first is the vintage sewing machine section.

an assortment of 1890's Wheeler & Wilson, White, and Singer treadles 

A 1960's Dressmaker w/ cabinet

A 1960's White 671 model w/ cabinet

Pictures could not do justice to my favorite room in the market. This used to be the room where the church held parties and wedding receptions and then later the school's library. It is a large room filled with vintage lamps, coffee tables, dressing tables, and chests. This room is usually dark with all the lamps on. That paired with the orange shag carpet gives it a warm retro feel.

Tatum loves the old organ...she says, "I'm going to play for the celebration."

I caught a blurry shot of my junior treasure-hunters reflection.

I also love these frilly old lamps.

The very last classroom to the back has old stoves, heat lamps, fans, and miscellaneous items.

Tatum wanted to leave with this crocquet set.

I don't know what this is....but I'd like to....anyone know?

Tatum's favorite room is the room with all the old toys and childrens furniture.

Here's an adorable metal doll highchair. This room has tons of vintage doll trunks also. There would be more pictures but this room is under construction.

Here's a good one of Tatum working on her fitness on this vintage "Walking Machine" The original treadmill...ha ha!

These are insulators....you can find clear and green ones pretty much at any antique store or flea market....these purple and blue ones are a rare find(or so I've heard).

Time to go home! Forgive how rough we look....we were ready to go digging for treasures. I left with only this owl coffee cup....Love it though!

What a great day!

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy Treasure-hunting everyone!!