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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Cobweb

The owner of the Flea Market sent me to this place. When you walk in the door it is so overwhelming! I imagine this is what a hoarders house looks like only this place has some sort of order to it. I felt like I was on the show American Pickers. The sweet woman who owns the Cobweb will talk your ear off. I learned a lot about her in just the first 10 minutes of being there. This is the kind of store and shop owner I love! If you didn't know what something was....she could tell you. If you were looking for something particular...she could show you where it was. The store, like any other, had a "you break, you buy" policy. However there were little warning signs all over the shop "please don't open this cabinet. It will break." The woman knew every little quirk to each extra fragile item. She would say, "be extra careful with that one" or "don't pull the lid off, it doesn't go back on." The woman told me, "I just hate for people to learn the hard way that something is fragile."

This is the Cobweb.

There is a large selection of vintage hats....if you do some digging there are some great finds.

Like this one.

There was the entire set of Cape Cod Avon glass(that's the red one) in all their original boxes.

Can you spot the hidden treasure?

I really liked the collection of old toys, games, and children's collectibles.

Here's some California Raisins!

An assortment of old board games.

A children's stone polishing kit.

A 1976 Mattel Sew Perfect Children's sewing machine. It was too high for me to get down but the box was in "like new" condition. I might go back for it....it's got me curious...ha ha

Hillcrest Church of Christ members and former members.....recognize this? This model Queen Buzzy Bee was made 1962-1985.   

Words of wisdom....only $1.75

"It doesn't matter where you go in life...It's who's beside you!"

So here's what I ended up going home with.

These doilies were in a huge box of literally thousands of doilies. The shop owner said "here's what we like to call a dump box." They bring you an empty box to dump the stuff you are digging through in while you search.Just wait and see what I use them for!

When I was my daughters age we would go over to Jim and Judy Scoggins house and they would always let me have tea in a small English tea cup. I always loved it because it was just my size. So I have been searching for one for Tatum.
Found one! Here is our morning tea in our "new to us" cups.

She hasn't put her new tea cup down all morning. AJ said, "she loves what her mama loves." I couldn't have said it better myself

"My grandmother used it. My mother threw it out. I bought it."

Happy treasure-hunting everyone!

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